Get Ready For Spring With Luxury Convertibles In Chicago

If you’re looking to enjoy the warm weather in style, a luxury convertible is a perfect choice. Chicago Motor Cars have a great selection of high-end convertibles available, including the Bentley Continental and Audi R8.

Both models are sure to turn heads as you cruise down Lake Shore Drive or any other Chicago street. So if you’re in the market for a new convertible, be sure to check out our inventory at Chicago Motor Cars to get your drive ready!

Get Your Car Ready For Spring

Now that winter is finally over, it’s time to start thinking about getting your vehicles ready for spring. If you live in a Chicago area with harsh winters, your car has probably taken a beating over the last few months. Here are a few tips to get it back in shape:

Wash And Wax

Wash and wax your car to protect it from the elements. This will help keep it looking new and prevent any long-term damage.

If you’re not sure how to wash and wax your car, there are plenty of tutorials online. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully so you don’t damage your car.

Check Out Tires

Check your tires and make sure they’re properly inflated. This is important for both safety and fuel efficiency.

If you need to, you can buy a tire gauge at most gas stations or automotive stores. Just follow the instructions to make sure that your tires are properly inflated.

Check Fluid And Oil

Change your oil and check all of your fluids. This is important for keeping your car in good shape.

Give your car a good once-over to look for any damage that may have occurred during the winter months. If you follow these simple tips, your car will be in good shape to take on spring. And with a luxury convertible, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmer weather in style!

Enjoy The Warmer Weather

In Chicago Motor Cars, you’ll find our dealership offering special luxury convertibles for sale. Our dealership is perfect for taking your convertible for a spin, and there’s always something to see and do. So if you’re looking for a new car to enjoy the spring and summer months, a luxury convertible is a great choice.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a luxury convertible, though. First, you’ll want to consider your budget. These cars can be quite expensive, so it’s important to set a realistic price range before you start shopping. Second, think about what you’ll be using the car for.

If you’re only going to be driving it on weekends, you might not need all the bells and whistles that come with a more expensive model. Third, make sure to test drive any convertible you’re considering before making a purchase. This is especially important if you’ve never driven one before. With these tips in mind, a customer finds the perfect luxury convertible at the same price for their needs at our place.

Different Types Of Convertibles

When it comes to choosing a convertible, there are many different types to choose from. If you’re looking for a luxurious and stylish option, the Bentley Continental and Audi R8 are great choices. For those who want a more performance-oriented vehicle that has plenty of features like cruise control.

Bentley Continental

The Bentley Continental is a luxurious and stylish convertible that’s perfect for cruising around Chicago. With its powerful engine and sleek design, The Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible has been engineered to deliver a powerful and engaging drive that never fails to put a smile on your face. With its twin-turbocharged W12 engine, the GT Speed Convertible is capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 mph.

Audi R8

The Audi R8 performance spyder is a work of art. It’s the perfect blend of style and substance, and it’s sure to turn heads when you’re driving around Chicago. With its V-12 engine, the R8 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 205 mph. So if you’re looking for an exhilarating ride, the Audi R8 is the convertible for you.


The Aston Martin Vanquish is a high-performance handcrafted 6.0-liter V12 engine sports car that’s sure to turn heads when you drive by. With its beautiful design and powerful engine, the Vanquish Volante Convertible is perfect for those who want a car that’s both stylish and capable of outperforming the competition.


The Chevrolet Corvette Convertible is the perfect car for those who want a high-performance convertible that’s stylish and affordable. With its powerful V8 engine, the Corvette is capable of reaching speeds of up to 190 mph. And with its sleek design and comfortable interior, the Corvette is sure to turn heads when you’re driving.

Take Advantage And Go For A Drive!

For convertible driving, make sure you take advantage of the warmer weather and go for a drive with our Chicago Motor Cars dealer in Chicago city. With so many different models to choose from, you’re sure to find a reservation for the perfect car for your needs. So get out there and enjoy the spring weather in style.

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